Leather Repairs

All leather repairs and alterations on motorcycle clothing and fashion leather clothing are carried out by our highly skilled machinists to perfect standards. This is carried out in our state of the art sewing factory using only the finest threads and materials.
The seams we repair are fully guaranteed. All zips are guaranteed for one year. We only use the highest quality materials and thread as used in our normal production garments. We normally turn repairs around in 7 to 10 days.

Direct Leather repairsPrice
Replacement / repair: Leather Jacket zip replacement (Main zip)£30.00
Replacement / repair: Leather motorcycle suit zip replacement (main zip)£30.00
Replacement / repair: Sleeve / Pocket zip replacement£20.00
Replacement / repair: Fly zip / leg zip replacement£20.00
Replacement / repair:
Replacement / repair:
Replacement / repair: motorcycle suit jkt to trouser waist zip replacement£40.00

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