Leather Alterations

Is your sleeve too long? trousers too baggy? dont worry Direct Leathers have the facilities in our state of the art repair center to alter your garment, every effort is made to ensure you are happy with the end result.


Please note: It helps us & saves you money on your alteration if you can take out any or all of the armour on all motorbike clothing alterations before you bring them in (most padding is in velcro pockets) We have to take out the armour to get into them.  

ServiceDirect Leather AlterationsPrice
Reline:Reline: Leather motorcycle suit.£60.00
Reline:Reline: Leather jacket£40.00
Reline:Reline: Leather trousers / fully lined£40.00
Reline:Reline: Leather jeans / half lined to knee£25.00
Reline:Reline: leather pocket in clothing.£20.00 (£10.00 for each extra pocket)
Increase:Increase: leather jeans at sides.£50.00
Increase:Increase: Leather one piece suit at sides£60.00
Reduce:Reduce: Leather jacket at sides£50.00
Reduce:Reduce: Leather Jeans at sides.£40.00
Reduce:Reduce: Leather one piece suit at sides.£60.00
Reduce:Reduce: Waistband on leather Jeans£45.00
Reduce:Reduce waistband on leather skirt£45.00
Increase:Waistband on leather skirt£40.00
Increase:Waistband on ladies leather jeans£40.00
Increase:Waistband on mens leather jeans£40.00
Reduce:Seat seem on mens Leather jeans£40.00
Reduce:Seat seem on ladies Leather jeans£40.00
Reduce:Seat seem and waist rouched / elastication£40.00
Shorten:Leather Skirt£30.00
Shorten:Leather jeans cut and back stitch£20.00
Taper:Leather jeans£20.00
Fit / insertVelcro slider patch on motorcycle jeans£40.00

We also carry out other alterations not on our list. Please email us the details or give us a call so we can discuss your alteration further.

We can also sew on your club badges & patches 

We can sew on any patches or badges, fast turnaround, please call us for a price.

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